Inspiration: Max Temkin & Why “Do What Makes You Happy” is Useless Advice

Whenever I can drag myself out of bed early enough I love going to the Creative Mornings events in Toronto. While I generally don’t consider myself a very creative person I always manage to leave feeling very inspired and motivated to create, even if the speakers were more tech or design-focused than I am as a content creator and strategist.

This morning I put on this talk by Max Temkin, one of the creators of Cards Against Humanity, from a Creative Mornings event in Chicago. I really loved his talk and thought I would share it with you . He talks about how advice that encourages people to “do what makes them happy” is actually pretty useless since it’s a circular argument.

He explains it better than I can:

Some of my favourite quotes from the video that I’m letting inspire me today:

“Confusion is where knowledge starts”

“Spending your life trying to feel good is really bad advice”

In the end it’s all about having a clear vision and striving to create something lasting and with value. Here’s to a confusing rest of the week to everyone πŸ˜‰

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