Toronto Music <3

Buzzfeed posted this mock festival poster featuring all Toronto artists:

Toronto Music

{in my opinion, the best part is that Justin Bieber is only a small afterthought at the bottom of the poster}

Even though the U.S.-based website grouped in a few artists that aren’t technically from Toronto, this poster made me really proud to be a Torontonian. (Yeah, as if I could contain any more T.O. pride inside this little head of mine).Β Toronto has bred world-renowned artists – and these are just ones whose music have managed to trickle over our southern border! Our music industry has been fighting tooth and nail to be recognized globally and acts like this are at the forefront of that fight.

So cheers to Toronto music! I’m off to celebrate Toronto music at the Drake show tonight (on his birthday, no less).

Which bands do you think should have made the poster?Β 

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