Announcing: Uniiverse Launches Mobile App for Local Events

Universe iphone app

If you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty stoked on the sharing economy and a lot of apps and services that revolve around it. From my love for car sharing and music sharing I’m all about sharing services and experiences to make city living extra savvy (and fun), which is why Uniiverse has been on my radar for over a year now. Uniiverse is a Toronto startup that have built an online marketplace for local events. The events on Uniiverse run the gamut from food, film, networking, DIY crafting, and fitness and really emphasize discovering local events and the potential for building relationships within your own community which is something I can really get on board with.


With their new iPhone app Uniiverse helps connect people to local activities and events and allows them to buy tickets directly from their phones. Want to join a free yoga session in a local park? Want to organize a group of people to go bowling or paintballing? You can find all of these types of activities (and many more) on Uniiverse.

Download the Uniiverse mobile app.


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