#BeaconsfieldCrawl and Why I Love My Friends

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I have the best friends in the world. As I’m currently giggling about this weekend’s antics with a good friend I thought our Saturday night warranted a blog.

You guys all know how much I love Toronto. I truly see it as my city. It’s the city where I’m following my dreams and together we’re a pretty good pair. We’re on fire. But part of my love for Toronto is rooted in it’s distinct neighbourhoods. I’ve lived in the Annex, Little Italy, Chinatown & Kensington, and even enjoyed a brief stay in financial district (the worst. Don’t ask.). But ever since I’ve moved to my west end neighbourhood I’ve never felt more like I belonged in a neighbourhood or a city. And that’s probably because in the past 3+ years that I’ve lived in my ‘hood I’ve made a lot of friends.

This past weekend my friends and I organized the second #BeaconsfieldCrawl. Basically the group of us that live in Beaconsfield Village apply to host a stop on a dinner crawl. Each stop must have their themed menu approved. Once 5 stops are chosen, a map is drawn out and those who are not hosting must team up with a host to help contribute to the host’s theme. On the night of the crawl, each stop lasts only 1 hour and then we move on the next house.

Here’s what happened this year:

Stop 1: High Tea 
Carly, Carolyn, and I hosted High Tea with hors dourves, mini cucumber sandwiches, tuna with dill-infused mayonnaise sandwiches, pumpkin loaf, quiche, and tons of other dainty snacks. Our drink: a killer long island iced tea served in vintage teacups.

Stop 2: 7-11
Our friends hosted a 7-11 pit stop serving up homemade taquitos, Dorito nachos, gourmet chocolate bars, pizza, and other goodies. Drinks were a gatorade and redbull rum punch and there was even a lottery ticket draw (for a real 7-11 gift card) and a “security camera” that was quite the hit.

{This is where I skipped out to let my dog out. It was probably one of the best stops because I got kisses, some giggles with a girlfriend, and then made it back in time for…}

Stop 4: Jamrock
Welcome to JankRock! Our Jamaican themed stop was set to the tune of reggae and we nommed on jerk chicken, rice and peas, patties, and sipped on Red Stripe. The dancing got a bit risque and we hustled on to our final stop…

The last stop is always a fan favourite (usually because we stay there the longest and are in the best moods from the other stops when we get there) and this year was no different. Tim and Josh hosted a Top Gun themed party with airplane-shaped cookies. I don’t know how awesome the party was though. I spent the whole time gushing over my new dog tag and aviators and taking photos of people posing in front of the American flag.

And here’s how it all went down on social media: 

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1 Comment

  1. Travis
    October 8, 2013 / 11:11 pm

    Thanks for putting this together, it’s awesome Jamie!