When life hands you lemons, book a vacation to Cali!

Okay, so life hasn’t exactly handed me lemons lately but it did hand me an accountant and a pretty stellar tax return and some personal promises to myself this year. One of them was to stop being one of those people who talked about doing things and never actually did them. Another thing was to never pass up a good opportunity to have fun and do something for myself. So I made some changes. I booked a weekend trip to NYC and I leave Friday morning. And then a good friend sent me the details for this event. In November. In Santa Monica.

Anchorman Live Reading Event

It’s hosted by Conan O’Brien and will include Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, David Koechner, Jack Black, Chris Parnell, Kathryn Hahn, Luke Wilson, Fred Willard, and Fred Armisen. Plus they list some “BIG DEAL MUSICAL GUESTS” so fingers crossed it’s something like Michael Jackson’s return from the grave act or something else awesome. We also have tickets to the VIP afterparty with the cast which I imagine will go something like this.

So Megan and I joked about how ridiculous and amazing it would be to go and then next thing we know we had bought tickets! And then we decided that if we just had to go to Santa Monica to attend this event (for charity, of course!) then we might as well make a real vacation out of it. And that’s how I ended up with a flight to San Francisco booked, a California road trip to wine country and LA, and some major touristing and sight seeing across California planned.

In an effort to make our vacation as amazing and ridiculous as possible we also rented one of these to drive from San Francisco to LA:

Mustang Convertible

Fingers crossed it comes in pink.

Have suggestions for fun stuff we can do in San Francisco, LA, Santa Monica, Sonoma, Napa, or San Diego? Comment with your suggestions!

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  1. Kate P.
    September 25, 2013 / 10:39 am

    Apparently the Hearst Castle is amazing!

    • Travisobvs
      September 26, 2013 / 2:17 pm

      There are wild Zebras!

  2. September 25, 2013 / 11:04 am

    This is going to be SO fun! Way to round up a hardworking successful year! Yay you for taking the step!

  3. seagell
    September 25, 2013 / 11:12 am

    GUH I am SO excited!!!

  4. Travisobvs
    September 26, 2013 / 2:17 pm

    When you drive from SF to LA, MAKE SURE you take the highway 1. Google will take you on the 101 which is faster but no where near as gorgeous. The highway 1 is breathe taking.