What are you MISSING with distracted driving?

Ever since the death of my cousin in a drunk driving accident I have been a strong advocate for anti-drinking and driving campaigns. Everyone knows drinking and driving is both stupid and dangerous. But what about distracted driving?

As a social media manager and business owner there isn’t a moment of the day when I’m not connected or plugged in. I’ve been known to check notifications no matter where I am or what I’m doing. But when I’m driving? The temptation is strong, but I know the reality is that my life (and the lives of other drivers on the road) isn’t worth knowing what an angry customer is saying on one of my social media pages. Got texty-fingers while you drive? You’re 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash according to a recent study by CAA! And it doesn’t just stop with texting or emailing – eating, drinking, and applying makeup are also great examples of distracted driving that we’re all guilty of at one point or another!
CAA Missing

CAA has launched a campaign to encourage safer driving. The MISSING campaign shows you the moments you could miss by focusing on your smartphone instead of the road. Wonder what you’re missing? Take the MISSING survey to find out what you could be missing as a distracted driver! At the end of the short survey you’ll see an infographic breakdown of the most common types of in-car distractions.

Take the CAA survey here and tell me – what’s your biggest distraction while driving? Are you a texter like me? What moments do you risk MISSING when you drive distracted? 

CAA South Central Ontario is a not-for-profit auto club which also offers travel dealshome insurancetravel insurance and auto insurance. There are more than 1.9 million CAA members in South Central Ontario and over 5.9 million members in Canada.

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