Review: A Night at the Movies with Black Rock

With the return of cooler temperatures I’m looking forward to getting cozy with my Netflix, Vdio, and some of my favourite shows and movies this fall. This week’s cool weather meant that when an invite to see a film written by Mark Duplass landed in my inbox I jumped at the chance to treat one of my friends to a night inside at the movies.

Black Rock is a thriller/survival horror from Phase 4 Films starring Kate Bosworth (who I l-l-love!), Lake Bell, and Katie Aselton who attempt to rekindle their childhood friendship with a camping weekend on a remote island. The girls quickly discover they aren’t the only ones spending the weekend on the island and a peaceful island weekend turns into a fight for survival for the women.

While the movie certainly isn’t Oscar-worthy, we definitely enjoyed the story of she-ra lady bonding and girls kicking butt. The movie just finished it’s short theatrical run but will be on Video On Demand starting September 24 and on DVD in October – just in time for a cozy fall night in!

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