Massimo Dutti Announces Shipping Across Canada

Last week Massimo Dutti celebrated the launch of a Canadian e-commerce site offering shipping for Canadian online shoppers. Although the brand was originally known for their men’s clothing, Massimo Dutti now carries an impressive selection of high-endย clothing, shoes, and accessories for women.

Massimo Dutti A Canadian Affair

Have you heard of Massimo Dutti? The brand is the high-end sister brand to Zara and have stores all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America. In the past year they opened two stores in Toronto at Yorkdale and the Eaton Centre.

To celebrate the launch of shipping to Canada I browed the European-inspired urban pieces to place an order of my own. From the time I placed my order to delivery it was only 36 hours!ย I was looking for a few basic items to add to my wardrobe and fill the void between the stuff I wear at my home office and the clothes I wear to nicer events. Here’s what I picked out:

Massimo Dutti Shop Online

1. Denim shirt with silk collar.
2. Limited edition striped sweater (from the Equestrian Collection).
3. Marl t-shirt.

Now that I’ve browsed the whole site, I also have a little wishlist for future shopping:

Massimo Dutti Wish List

1. Leather jacket with quilted shoulders.
2. Leather brogues.
3. Plaited herringbone belt.


Massimo Dutti offers free shipping for orders over $100.ย 

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