Rdio Presents: Vdio – A New Way to Stream TV and Movies

If you are an Rdio subscriber you have probably received an e-mail invitation to try Vdio, their new TV and movie stream that allows you to rent or purchase TV shows and films. Most Rdio subscribers also received a $30 credit to try the service themselves. I tell everyone I know about Rdio so I was curious to try Vdio out for myself. I recently got a brand new TV and have been looking to catch up on some of my favourite shows so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a try.


In addition to viewing the TV shows and movies you are also able to curate Sets of your favourites and share your recommendations with friends on the platform. I also like the ability to add things to a “Watch Later” list. I have all of these shows and movies that I want to watch floating around in my head but when I actually have a spare hour or two to watch something I can never remember any of them and usually end up watching reruns of crap TV.

Once you log in you can begin to either rent or buy movies and TV shows and stream them on the web or Vdio iPad app. The iPad app also supports AirPlay for streaming to Apple TV. While I’m not quite sure what the difference is between renting and purchasing (the shows I watched were only available for purchase and I only saw a few movies to rent) the prices to purchase tend to be a bit more expensive than the rental prices.

Seasons seem to range in costs based on how new and popular they are. Your favourite shows can range $15-35 per season. The most recent episode of Breaking Bad is up for $3.49. Sure, that’s more than what you would pay to stream the show online but I always get frustrated trying to find a good link to stream and I think my sanity and time is worth the few dollars to purchase the show. Content is paid for off your credit card as you purchase it, although Vdio is looking into ways to offer subscriptions models in the future.

On first glance, the selection seems to be pretty great. I searched for all of my favourite shows and found them easily and unlike Netflix which sometimes has a bit of a delay in getting new movies the movie selection includes movies that were recently in theatre.

Vdio Breaking Bad

Between Vdio and my Netflix subscription, I’m thinking I may be just fine cancelling my pricy cable package and watching TV “on demand” and when I want to.

Have you tried Vdio? What do you use to stream your favourite TV shows?Β 

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