Long Weekend Therapy

Long weekends are the best kind of therapy, and summer suits this girl. This weekend I didn’t have any real plans except for a concert on Friday night (Macklemore and Ryan Lewis…was seriously underwhelming), a short memorial event for my cousin, and a few tickets to Grove Fest. What ended up happening was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time.

The magic started during Gaslight Anthem’s set at Grove Fest and carried through Girl Talk’s confetti dance party, Hot Chip’s electric energy, and Phoenix singalongs. It ended in drinks at a friends house singing only 90’s songs like we were at karaoke and late night Kraft Dinner.

Girl Talk Grove Fest

Usually the decisions I make at 2am are questionable – especially after a day of drinking in the sun – but on a whim I agreed to go up to a friend’s cottage with a friend who was driving up the next morning.

Cottage boundBest 2am decision…ever?!

I swear I’m just a nature hike with my dog and some good friends away from happiness at any given moment. Last year on the August long weekend we discovered Moe loved to swim and was actually okay offleash in the country:

Moe on beach

This year, I drank my morning coffee in a canoe in the middle of the lake and Moe didn’t wear a leash once all weekend. Turns out he’s a bit of a country bumpkin.

Moe on the Lake

I ended the weekend with my first trip to Weber’s – a Muskoka staple!Β Thank god for good friends, campfires, and my #1 pup. Oh, and dress up closets:



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