Getting Back into my Yoga Groove with Gaiam Canada

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a proper yoga class. I love hot yoga but I don’t love the price tag and my hectic schedule makes it hard to get to their scheduled classes. When I do have some downtime I usually end up eating, sleeping, or seeing friends and suddenly it’s been 6 months since I’ve been in a proper eagle pose.

A few months ago I started really feeling the effects of my less-than-stellar yoga class attendance. My joints were always stiff (the reason I started yoga in the first place) and I was having trouble focusing and sleeping. Add to that some pretty upsetting dreams and I quickly set up a sunny spot in my apartment for my own daily practice that I could do on my own time; whether it was first thing in the morning, in between meetings, or right before bed.

To help me achieve my born-again yogini status, Gaiam Canada sent me a package of motivating goodies.

Gaiam Canada

My yoga care package: Summer Meadow printed yoga mat, stainless steel water bottle, fitness DVDs, and a Naddha band (not pictured) to help me (and my mat) keep it together. The flavoured coconut water was just a fun and healthy treat for getting up a few minutes early.

Gaiam already has a great reputation in the U.S. for eco-friendly, affordable, and durable fitness products but they also have a Canadian website where you can shop products. They sell everything from yoga and pilates products, general fitness products and DVDs and accessories for whatever your fitness routine entails and offer free shipping for orders over $75.


My new at-home yoga routine starts with me crawling out of bed straight to my mat. I stretch out for a few minutes and wake up in my sunny spot before starting a 20-30 minute practice that focuses on stretching out my arms, back, and legs. I set an “intention” before every practice based on what I think I’ll need for the day. Some of my favourite intentions are strength, focus, listening, resolve, and patience. It sounds corny, but I find that if I focus on a feeling or mindset for my practice that it not only helps set the tone for my day but it also means that I don’t focus too much on how long I’m holding poses or other distractions. I alternate between the DVD Gaiam sent me and these videos by Gillian B to mix up every day’s practice a little bit.

And while my roommates have a different take on downward dog, I’m happy to report I’m back on my yoga groove thanks to my new Gaiam Canada goodies!

Gaiam Canada Downward Dog

Want to shop for yourself?
Use discount code TO15JCJLT for 15% off your purchase for the next year!

Just like all of my favourite companies, Gaiam Canada is on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

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  1. July 31, 2013 / 9:40 am

    I need to the same thing soon – am feeling so stressed out these past few days. I need a stress reliever.