Celebrating Canada Day with Canadian Red Cross and Twitter Canada!

It’s been a wild week. As part of my work with Canadian Red Cross, our teams have been working around the clock since last Thursday to respond to severe flooding in southern Alberta. For myself and the rest of the social media team the response takes place online as we launch our social media response to the disaster. Sometimes I think about my work with the Red Cross and how incredibly rewarding it is and I can’t believe my own life. My work is actually making a difference – and not just to other people who work in social media.

Today, we’re celebrating Canada Day with a big old Canadian milestone. Thanks to the support of the Twitter Canada team #AlbertaFloodRelief is the top trending topic on Twitter today! 

Canadian Red Cross Alberta Flood Relief

In addition to @redcrosscanada becoming a verified account on Twitter this week, it’s been a pretty amazing week for the Red Cross in social media. Thank you to the group of amazing digital volunteers that are helping us respond to the thousands of tweets and mentions every day and for all of your support!

Happy #CanadaDay! Show your neighbours you care. Donate to Red Cross to help Alberta: http://t.co/4QCMZmDv9K #AlbertaFloodRelief

— Canadian Red Cross (@redcrosscanada) July 1, 2013

For more information on Red Cross Alberta flood relief efforts visit redcross.ca. Donations can be made at redcross.ca/FloodRelief

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  1. Lady Keira
    July 1, 2013 / 10:30 am

    You’re doing a great job, Jamie!!!!