New Music App Qwyrk Lets You #SayItWithSound

I’m working with a new Toronto-based startup who have just launched a really fun app!

Qwyrk was made based on the idea that there is a certain part of tone or expression lost in text communications. People frequently express themselves through music and their favourite quotes, so why not empower them to do it (in a fully licensed way) through a social networking application?

Qwyrk App

(Photos from iTunes App store)

This app is going to be HUGE!

Recently launched in beta, Qwyrk allows you to send custom song clips, movie quotes, or sound effects via social media or e-mail to your friends to help you #SayItWithSound and really express how you’re feeling.

As someone who communicates A LOT via text I’m really excited to start using this app. You’ve probably noticed that I use a lot of 🙂 or 🙁 or !!! to help express how I’m feeling and sometimes quotes aren’t really understood. Adding the ability to really hear what you are trying to say will not only be really fun – but also a new twist to online communications! Think of it like an Instagram for sound!

You can find me on the Qwyrk app under my normal username jamieleighto but be sure to follow Qwyrk on Twitter and Facebook too!

Now go on – Qwyrk me! 



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