Review: Strum – The Customer Experience App

Imagine if you could share your thoughts or experience at a restaurant, store, bar, or event and not only have your feedback go directly to the owner or manager but you were also rewarded for sharing your feedback?Β That is precisely what my new favourite app does!

Strum is designed to be the first ever customer service app that lets you speak directly to business owners. You can choose to share your thoughts publicly or privately but either way, each time you use Strum you earn points that can be redeemed in the Strum auction for some amazing rewards. The app has launched in Toronto with partnerships with local businesses but is set to launch worldwide from here!

Strum App

How it Works:

Strum allows you to “check in” somewhere like Foursquare and leave feedback on the service, atmosphere, or a specific item. You are rewarded points for the amount of feedback you leave each time you “strum”.Β These points can be used in the Strum Auction for great rewards from businesses that you bid on. It can be anything from a free or discounted item or service.
You can also find and follow your friends on the app to see what they think of the places they are eating, drinking, and shopping. You can comment on their experiences or share your own through your own social media networks.

My Experience:

I’ve spent the last few weeks strumming all around town. I’ve strummed in my favourite stores, bars, and restaurants and it took only a few seconds every time. I accumulated about 100 points in no time for all of my strumming. What good are all of these points?
Strum points can be used in Strum auctions. Local businesses host auctions on Strum for discounted services of gift cards. I won my first auction this week – I used 35 points and outbid the previous bidder for $25 off my next service at my favourite hair salon, West Salon and Spa.

Strum Auctions:

Strum AppI’m hosting on auction on Strum right now for you to bid on!

Bid on a $50 gift certificate for the Drake Hotel (it can be used in the cafe, restaurant, or for the hotel). All you have to do is download the app and start strumming! The auction closes on Thursday so you have lots of time!

Go get strumming!

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