Review: Bier Market’s New Spring Menu

Bier Market is celebrating spring with a revamped menu of bier hall-inspired treats complete with perfect beer pairings.

I brought my friend Morgan to Bier Market’s location on the Esplanade for a preview of the new menu and beer pairings with Bier Market’s Executive Chef, Michael. He walked us through the new menu items and used all of those food words that make foodies excited and make me have to turn to Google. We were a bit anxious about finding vegetarian options for Morgan and mostly gluten-free items for me (I’m being a bit lenient on myself as of late) but there were lots of options for both of us on the menu. We decided to brave the passing showers and grabbed a seat on one of the best patios in the city for our meal.

Bier Market Esplanade

One of my favourite parts about the Bier Market experience is just how knowledgable all of the staff are about the beers they carry and pairing suggestions are even included on the menu. It isn’t something I normally put much thought in to but I’m always shocked at how the right beer paired with the right dish can really bring out the flavour in both. We tried samples of about 8 different beers that we probably would have never ordered if not for the recommendation of our server!

Bier Market Beers

From left to right: Amsterdam’s Boneshaker, Alexander Keith’s Hop Mason, Mort Subite’s Xtreme Kriek, Halleroder Pilsner

In the end, we couldn’t choose just two dishes that we wanted to try so we ordered a little bit of everything! Get ready for some serious food porn:

Bier Market Schnitzel

The panko-crusted veal schnitzel was absolutely amazing and I’ve been craving it ever since. It usually comes with grilled asparagus, Yukon potato mash, and tomato jam but we got a side of the Roasted Beet salad that Morgan was eyeing instead. The schnitzel also comes as a schnitzel waffle sandwich on Tuesdays so I might have to have another gluten cheat day very soon!

Bier Market Spring Menu

Next up: a little Cheese and Lager Fondue with Appenzeller, Emmental, and Raclette cheeses and Stella Artois lager, served with rosti croquette, green apple, and bistro bread. As soon as I mentioned I was going to Bier Market I had five different people tell me to try the fondue and we weren’t disappointed!

Bier Market Fondue

Bier Market Pretzels

Finally, a surprisingly delicious treat (and major cheat for me) to end the night: pretzels! Morgan and I couldn’t stop raving about the homemade dijon that came with them and eventually we called Michael back out to ask him what the secret spice was. One of the chefs had added a bit of wasabi extract that added a nice little kick to the mustard.

Now that it’s officially partio season in the city, I highly recommend grabbing a sunny table at Bier Market and letting one of their servers walk you through some beer pairings to go with your meal! Remember to take advantage of the new spring menu too!Β 

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