TTC by Infographic: How Does it Measure Up?

I saw this on blogTO’s social feeds this morning and thought you might like some lighter content for a Friday. I’m going to be finishing up with my Austin/SXSW contest with some great food and maybe music recommendations from me to you via blog this weekend!

To be totally honest I was unsure about whether or not I should post this. I mean, you all know I’m Toronto’s #1 fan. My blog is dedicated to all of the amazing things that go on in this city and I have a really hard time writing sentences about Toronto without wearing out the exclamation point button on my keyboard. I love my city and I am a huge advocate of using TTC to travel around the city. I used to take it every day and I explored a lot of this city via TTC in my past 8 years in the city. But anyone who has ever commuted on a daily basis or has been to other major North American cities will tell you that it just doesn’t measure up.

(click on the photo, and then the icon in the top right of the photo to enlarge)

Toronto transit TTC infographic

I think that last part is so important: the system we have created relies mostly on fare revenue to cover it’s operating expenses. Someone in charge a long time ago made it that way and now the result is that we pay some of the highest fares in the world for a system that seems to be barely staying afloat.

Some things I hope to see for Toronto transit:Β 

  • distance-based fares
  • a more efficient airport route to YYZ
  • two-way transfers
  • electronic fare cards (like PRESTO, which it looks like they are either experimenting with or planning on implementing)
  • better customer service (something they have admittedly been working towards for the past couple of years after a series of serious accusations against TTC employees)

Do you ride the TTC often?
What kind of progress would you like to see?Β 

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