Nella Bella Fall/Winter 2013

Nella Bella Fall/Winter

The one thing I hate about fashion is how far ahead it goes in terms of seasons. Right when I’m starting to dream of bright hues in sundresses and sandals the invites to look at knits and dark colours start rolling in. But when I received an invite from the always amazing ladies at Charming Media for the Nella Bella 2013 Fall/Winter expo, I knew I had to see what they had in store to make fall a little more bearable this year.

Nella Bella is a Canadian line of high quality handbags made from 100% vegan materials. Tarek, the Creative Director and Head Designer at Nella Bella, strives to create both fashionable and functional handbags. My London handbag is the most versatile purse I’ve ever owned, and my Rio is perfect for carrying my laptop and travelling. I’ve blogged plenty about my love for the Toronto-based designer. I always get compliments on my Nella Bella bags and I proudly tell everyone that I’m sporting a Canadian line!

The Nella Bella 2013 Fall/Winter line features 3 collections: 

Nu Prima Collection
The Nu Prima is a rich and buttery smooth material that is new to the Nella Bella line. It looks very sleek and luxurious!

My picks:
The London – Okay, so I know I already have a London, but it looks even more sophisticated in the Nu Prima material. And besides, what’s wrong with one in every colour?:


The Angelica – a large tote with a removable lining that separates the inside into two sections:


The Morelle – an oversized clutch that can fit a tablet and other gadgets to jet around town:


Nu Venus Collection
The Nu Venus material is a natural mix of smooth and rugged textures.

My pick:
The Rosemary – this large handbag comes with a cross-body strap and a spacious interior:


Nu Mirage Collection
This collection is characterized by the Nu Mirage material. It’s tributary pattern leads to a very textured material that is both stylish and durable.


My picks:
The Cypress – my favourite from the Fall-Winter line is a large satchel with expandable sides with two outside pockets:


The Charme – tied with Cypress for my favourite, this slouchy hobo handbag is the perfect carryon bag and one of my new travel companions when I can get my hands on one:


The Holly – a multi-functional clutch comes with a detachable chain strap that also doubles as a wristlet:


Even though we’re anxiously waiting for spring, I’m okay with next fall if it brings me amazing new handbags like these!

What about you? What are your favourites from the Fall/Winter collections? 

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