Brandgasm 101: DIY Design & Copywriting Crash Course

Thanks to a blog from Mr. Casey Palmer, I found out about a really interesting and totally mysteriously cheeky event coming up:

Brandgasm 101

The event is a crash course in building a powerhouse brand using great design and captivating copywriting brought to you by the genius behind The Middle Finger Project and Shatterboxx.

They haven’t released any details about the event, but once you sign up atΒ Brandgasm 101 you will start to receive Brandgasm Alerts to your Inbox. These are “mini-Brandgasms” where they call out and makeover bad design and copywriting offenders. Like this:

Mini Brandgasm DesingasmI’m probably a design offender because my skills are so basic that I don’t know how not to be, so I’m really looking forward to hearing more details about Brandgasm 101. I’m hoping I can join and learn hot to up my design and copywriting game.

If you want to follow along and find out more information you can sign up on Brandgasm 101.
The big reveal is tomorrow!Β 

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