RSVP: Gluten-Free Dishcrawl – St. Clair West

You may have seen a few pieces about eating gluten-free around here. You may have also noticed that they have been taken down. What started as an eating challenge with a few friends has transformed into a diet change that is working wonders for me, and I am blogging my way through my journey on a new blog called Gluten-Free Gluttony. I have a lot to say about the subject, so I thought a new blog was best.

You can find it on the main navigation bar on my page: Menu Bar


Gluten-Free Gluttony Discount Dishcrawl

Yesterday I shared a discount that may be of interest to my regular blog readers: $20 off tickets to a gluten-free Dishcrawl on St. Clair West.


I have blogged about Dishcrawl a few times here and thought I would share the information i case any of my regular readers are interested in a discounted opportunity to experience it for yourself. I have posted the discount code on Gluten-Free Glutton.

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