Review: The Gym at 99 Sudbury & Buytopia Fitness Deals

In October I snagged a great Buytopia deal for a 3-month membership at The Gym at 99 Sudbury for only $29, including two personal training sessions. While I put my personal training sessions off for the first couple of months, I went to the gym regularly to do what I was comfortable with: cardio-based workouts and spin and yoga classes.


The facilities at 99 Sudbury are quite impressive. New equipment, friendly staff and helpful trainers, clean and fresh towels available, and multiple levels of equipment and training space to work out on. The gym looks like a loft-style converted factory (which I guess it technically is) with lots of metal, colourful art, and a healthy dose of personality. The ellipticals and stationary bikes have TV screens that I’m almost positive were constantly streaming Flashpoint and Criminal Minds so that I wouldn’t leave. If you’re more into group training, spin, kettle bell training, yoga, and bootcamp-style classes are also available. I regularly went to the spin classes and loved the intensity of the class!

My meeting with a personal training was great and has really changed my way of thinking about gym training. We talked about my health and fitness goals and my day-to-day eating and exercise habits. Together we developed a one-year plan to get me to my goal weight that would target the areas I was most concerned with.

A few days after that, I had a session with my trainer in the gym. She showed me different exercises for each of my target areas which included the use of machines and body weighted exercises. While my session was a brief 30 minute training session, I was exhausted and sore.

Gym 99 Sudbury

Don’t mess with this girl 🙂

I have been recommending the Gym at 99 Sudbury to all of my friends who live in the neighbourhood and I hope I’ll be back soon with a membership of my own.

I would also recommend checking out the fitness deals on Buytopia. For under $10 per month I got to try a new gym and work one-on-one with a personal trainer. I found a gym that I really enjoyed going to and will likely go back. Buytopia has a number of gym and fitness deals at other facilities available right now including a $19 2-month membership and person training, a $24 one month Bikram yoga class, $25 for 10 bootcamp classes, or $10 for bootcamp and zumba. Try something or some place new! 

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