Review: My Juice Cleanse from Raw Juice Guru – McDonalds is My Trigger Word

Last week I tried my first ever juice cleanse – a 3-day “feasting” cleanse from Raw Juice Guru. The idea of a “feasting” juice cleanse is that you aren’t starving yourself. Instead, you drink all of the juice you can possibly fit in your body. They deliver 6 juices and 2 elixirs fresh every morning but I found myself barely getting through them and having to force myself to drink more. The juices are made from fresh, organic, raw fruits and vegetables that are cold-pressed into glass bottles and delivered to your porch at the crack of dawn every day.

The juices varied every day. I found the juices on Day 1 were really enjoyable and very sweet but that might just be because I was expecting to hate them and then gradually got sick of them. This was my juice menu for Day 3 as an example:

Juice 1: Cucumber, wheatgrass, kale, parsley, lemon, apple, ginger (a favourite)
Juice 2: Watermelon, lemon
Juice 3: Aloe vera
Juice 4 and 7: Carrot, fennel, celery, lemon, ginger, beet, pear (another favourite)
Juice 5: Pineapple, coconut water
Juice 6: Lemon, ginger elixir
Juice 8: Cucumber,  kale, parsley, lemon, apple, ginger

Things I learned:

  • Everyone was not out to get me. Although it sure felt like it every time someone Instagrammed their lunch or talked about coffee. Things I normally don’t even like were making me drool and I kept having to remind myself not to be personally offended by my boyfriend who still needed to eat dinner.
  • McDonalds is my trigger word/smell/thought. Even the thought of it is enough to send me spiralling over the edge. Just ask the girl that sat down next to me on the streetcar and mowed down on a McMuffin and hashbrown.
  • Should’ve stocked up on toilet paper. Seriously, I’m glad I work from home because my bladder was bursting with juice cleanse excitement every 15 minutes.
  • Food cravings are all in your head. The cleanse was such a mental game for me; I compared it to being a smoker trying to quit cigarettes. I felt like I was addicted to food and especially missed the routine and social aspect of it. I rarely left my house other than dog walks or quick meetings because I didn’t know what to do without being able to grab a coffee or a bite to eat.

All in all, I have never felt so clean and healthy as I did throughout the cleanse. Other than the occasional headache (which didn’t last long at all), I felt on top of the world. My pants were looser, my tummy was flat, and I didn’t ever feel bloated or lethargic. Normally I feel like a slave to my hunger (there’s a reason you don’t see me until after my first meal of the day) so it was really reassuring to find out that I could power through my cravings.

As a result of the cleanse I was motivated to make some big changes in my diet and have eliminated gluten from my diet to see how my body reacts.

And of course I weighed myself. Juice cleanses are not meant as a weight loss tool. They are only meant to rid your body of toxins and flush it all out. But weight loss is sometimes an added benefit (if only by shedding water weight) and we can all hope, right? I lost 8lbs and as of a week later have kept 6 of them off. Combined with my new training regimen at the gym and my gluten-less lifestyle, I’m looking forward to feeling really good in 2013!

It looks like this is the extent of the McDonalds I’ll be having for the next little while:


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  1. chantelle
    December 13, 2012 / 2:03 pm

    That’s awesome Jamie!! You have inspired me to try the same :D!!

  2. Laura Long
    October 18, 2015 / 6:56 pm

    I recommend the raw juice approach but don’t recommend this company. While everyone makes errors, its how they’re dealt with. they made a bunch of delivery errors, failed to deliver, never apologised, never explained the problem, and they still have my money. the nutritionist was curt and not someone I would have felt comfortable reaching out to if there was any issue. So sad as i was really looking forward to working with them