Review: West Salon and Spa – Beauty on West Queen West

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I have been having a hard time trying to find a new hair stylist downtown. For the past 8 years. I have floated from students at Aveda to each current hotspot and everywhere in between and while I don’t have any haircut horror stories, I just didn’t find anywhere I wanted to go to twice. Until last week.

West Salon and Spa is located at 1188 Queen Street West which is right near the Gladstone (just east of Dufferin) landing right spot in the middle of my West End ‘hood.

Don’t let their address fool you – this salon has attitude, but not of the Queen West pretentious variety. They are sassy and sweet, but also really accommodating and welcoming. Even though I walked by it all the time I decided to try West Salon and Spa after I noticed them on Twitter(Bonus points for businesses on social media!) 

My requirements for my go-to salon: easy conversation, nice salon with laidback staff, close to home, and can deal with my “I don’t know what I want, just do something fun” requests without batting an eye. West passed the test!

The end result:

Yeah, I’ll be coming back here. West Salon and Spa is only a short walk from my house which is really unfortunate because I was ready to strut my stuff home with my fab new haircut. The prices also won me over: haircuts for women start at only $45 and I would trust any of the stylists at West Salon and Spa with my locks!

They also offer manicures and pedicures, facials, waxing, and spray tanning at really affordable (aka not Queen West) rates and they are definitely man-friendly! Haircuts for men start at $34.

Curl me impressed: my waves lasted well into the next day. Seeing as they were done around 4pm, that blows my 1 hour record for holding a curl wayyyy out of the water!

Thank you to Priscilla and the West Salon and Spa team for the great cut, amazing service, and a pleasant experience all around! I highly recommend you visit West Salon and Spa for your next haircut! 

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  1. Sandra
    January 2, 2014 / 7:04 pm

    I would rate this salon a 2 out of 5. I was “undercharged” 4 times and called to come back and pay. First time was 40.00, 2nd 35.00, 3rd 15.00 and 4th 140.00…..I had bought product. What salon does that?! Pricillia is a stuck up snob…..even her own staff can’t stand her and talk about her to their clients. I saw 2 stylists there and both had negative things to say about how she ran her business. She takes 60% and gives her employee’s 40. Wow. She is unprofessional and has no business sense. In the summer she could not even afford to put on the AC on the days she thought were not hot enough. She would turn it on then turn it off. I will not go back. Pretty sad when your staff talks about you as an owner to their clients. At one point a new boyfriend was the priority over her business. She would hardly ever be there…..some polish guy she thought she was going to marry. Clearly that did not last long. Again info from the staff. Sad.