I’ve Teamed up with Buytopia!

You may have noticed that I’m a big fan of Buytopia. I’m all about snagging good deals on products and experiences to make the most out of living in the city. I’ve shared some deals with you in the past including huge savings on Cirque du Soleil ticketsmani/pedi dealssushi making (and eating!) lessons, and laser hair removal deals. And my in-depth review of laser hair removal and gym deals on Buytopia is coming in the next week too!

To help bring you deals regularly I’m going to start telling you more about my favourites and ones I think you’ll like. I just got a deal off Buytopia for a 2 night stay in Niagara Falls to use this fall/winter. I’ve never been!

I have added a link directly to Buytopia in my sidebar so you can easily find the best deals in your city.

 You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram to get up-to-date details about awesome deals and experiences from Buytopia!

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