My Latest Subscription Addiction: Rdio

Have you heard about my new favourite subscription? No, not the Cupcake Club from Mabel’s bakery (although I may be singing a different tune when I get my first free treat), it’s Rdio! Rdio is a desktop and mobile music subscription service from the same people that brought you Kazaa! (Okay, am I dating myself? Oh well…)

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about Rdio for the past year but to be honest, I was kind of sick of building libraries on every music streaming platform only to lose them when the site shut down or the masses flocked to a new one. None of them blew me away to beging with, and I was sick of starting over.

Enter: community manager and Marketing Mag 30 under 30/my neighbour Megan, who was hosting a party and asked all of her friends to add songs to a collaborative playlist for the evening. Collaborative playlists won me over to Rdio! I started my one week trial and it only took about an hour after it expired for me to pull out my credit card and subscribe. At only $5 per month (or $10 if you want to sync your collection to your phone), it isn’t a hefty investment and ensures that you have ad-free music at your fingertips.

To me, services like Rdio are the perfect fusion of social media and music. I can share playlists with friends, stream music instantly, see what my friends are listening to in real time(so I should be more motivated to not listen to Miley and Bogore on repeat) and listen to the playlists my friends have made.

This is what my friends are listening to the most right now:

In terms of building a collection, you can add songs or albums to your collection or a playlist and you can pay to download music if you like having the files (and paying artists and all that stuff).

What I’m hoping to see on Rdio in the future:
– An ability to find similar music to a certain artist or album
– A chat function, or an ability to comment on what your friends are listening to

I’m still working on building a good playlist, but let’s follow each other:

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  1. November 21, 2012 / 11:59 am

    Over the past year, Rdio has totally replaced iTunes for me.

    If you click through to an artist page, there’s usually a listing of related artists! You can also listen to an artist station and mix in similar artists.

    • JamieLeighTO
      November 21, 2012 / 7:47 pm

      Amazing! Looks like I still have a lot of learning and exploring to do 🙂