Is Print Media Dead? Panel Discussion & Networking Event at U of T

I’m a few months in to self-employment now and loving my (hectic) life. I don’t know everything, but I have spoken to a lot of people about my experience because everyone takes a different path into this industry. One day I might be able to speak on panels with my expertise, but right now I’m more comfortable learning and observing until that day comes. In the meantime, I’ve been invited to kick off self-employment at my alma-mater, the University of Toronto for a panel discussion and networking session.

Even though my degree wasn’t in anything related to what I’m doing now, my experience at U of T taught me a lot. Like every university student, my experience taught me about life, love, and myself. But most importantly, it taught me how the real world works. Professors didn’t know who I was and I had to stand out. Just like now, companies and clients probably wouldn’t notice me unless I did something notable to get their attention. A small fish in a big pond needs bright colours.

Is Print Media Dead? 
And what that means for your career. Panelists from various part of the industry discuss the changes in the print media industry and the impact it’s had on their careers, the careers of those coming through the system now, and how the students can break in and move around the industry.  

Monday November 19
Panel: 5:30-6:30 in the Bahen Centre (20 St. George St., Room 1180)
Networking 6:30-7:30 in the main Career Centre (214 College St.) (the buildings are connected)

Panel Experts:
Toronto Star – Sr. Reporter – Tony Wong
TD Bank – Manager of Communications – Natalie Jikerjian
Kobo – Director of Merchandising – Ashleigh Gardner
Rogers – Senior Director and Digital Publisher at Rogers Publishing – Ryan Trotman
CNW Group – VP Product Management – Tim Griffin

I will be attending the panel discussion for my own personal interest and then will be participating in the networking event to share my experience in the communications, media, and public relations field with current students and recent graduates. My career isn’t exactly the traditional experience they may be looking for, but I think that I offer a unique perspective on the industry (especially the need to adapt and change as the industry does, in particular) and can give some pretty awesome advice to students in the exact same place I was in 4 years ago.

I’m hoping to see some familiar faces at both parts of the event so let me know if you plan on attending! You can register to attend here:

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