New Web-Based Instagram Profiles are Live!

Yesterday afternoon Gizmodo reported that web-based profiles for Instagram were on their way, and after only a few hours mine was live. Here is what mine looks like:

The new profiles feature a “cover photo” similar to Facebook and recently adopted by Twitter. What surprised me about the new profiles is how un-customizable they are. The photos shown in your cover photo cannot be set by you, and it looks like it rotates through your most recent photos. You can click on each photo to go to its own Instagram page.

The new profiles have launched for most people, with no need to switch your account over to the new ones. Until now, you could only view an Instagram user’s profile through the app or through a third-party website (like Web.stagram or Right now, it feels like it did when Facebook opened up to people without a verified student e-mail address: dirty and exposed.

What do you think about Instagram’s move to web-based profiles?
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