RSVP: Red Cross CPR Tweet-Up – November 17, 2012

All good things must come to an end. EXCEPT FOR MY CONTRACT WITH THE RED CROSS!

My work with the Canadian Red Cross was scheduled to end very soon, but I found out this week that I have been asked to continue my work with them well into 2013! I’m really loving the work I’m doing with them including my writing on the Red Cross blog and my visit to the ERU a couple weeks ago. This week I helped monitor social media during Hurricane Sandy which really helped prepare me for an emergency situation and preparing for an emergency response with the rest of the team. And I’m even more excited that this news means that I will be hosting a fun tweet-up to celebrate CPR month in November!

Anyone who has been in a health emergency situation can tell you how important first aid and CPR skills can be in helping save a life while you wait for emergency services to arrive. With aging grandparents (including one with a history of serious health issues) I have always been a huge proponent of having up to date first aid and CPR skills. It helps me not only feel confident enough to handle my grandfather’s illness, but I have also needed the skills in situations with friends and family since I was a teenager. Want to be that person who keeps their cool and knows exactly what to do in an emergency? Get CPR certified!

@RedCrossTalk is hosting a tweet-up to help you do exactly that. Co-hosted by Joallore and Sandra, #redcrossCPR will be led by a certified CPR instructor. Invite here:


RSVP: By registering for your free ticket on Eventbrite. All are welcome, just be sure to register!   

A fun tweet-up that could help you save the life of a loved one? Social media doesn’t get better than that! 

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