BÜZE Magazine: The World’s First Digital Interactive All-Drinks Magazine, Featuring Moi!

Toronto Beer Week  is only in it’s third year, but it is certainly growing quickly. The week-long celebration of craft beers (and the bars that serve them) has already grown to 9 days and over 100 events around the city. Despite it’s popularity, I think it is one of Toronto’s most under-rated events.

I wrote about my experiences at Toronto Premium Beer Experience and the Toronto Beer Quest, but I also wrote another sassier review of Toronto Beer Week events for the debut issue of BÜZE Magazine. BÜZE is the world’s first digital interactive all-drinks magazine. The first free preview launches in a few days and the first issue will be available for download (on tablets only) on October 18, 2012. I’ve seen a sneak preview of the magazine and it is truly interactive, seamless, intuitive; makes me wonder why every digital publication isn’t made this way. You’ll see. And look who graces the first cover:

See that “TORONTO BEER WEEK” line? That’s my content! BÜZE has an impressive list of contributors from around the world, including award-winning food and drink writers like Stephen Beaumont, Melissa Cole, Neil Ridley & Joel Harrison, Davin de Kergommeaux, Craig Pinhey and Des de Moor, so you can see why I’m super humbled to have my own writing featured in the same space.

I can’t share my review here (because of LAWSTUFF) but I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available for download. You can stay in the loop by following BÜZE on Facebook and Twitter. They’re also giving away 12 one-year subscriptions for Facebook fans so “Like” away!

I’m curious – have you seen a digital magazine and do you subscribe to any? 

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