Review: Toronto Beer Quest – We Came, We Quested, We Beer-ed

A few weekends ago, Jordan and I rallied up some friends and attended the third Toronto Beer Quest. The Quest is a themed scavenger hunt/urban exploration meant to help teams experience local beer history in an interactive and competitive way.

In the battle for beer-supremacy, questers are given a list of clues to ten locations and must take a photo of their team in front of a specific object at the clue location. Selfies FTW!

The teams that finish the quest the quickest with the most correct answers are hooked up with prizes from the event’s awesome sponsors, and street cred. Obvs.

We zipped around the city within the Quest boundaries of Dufferin-DVP and Wellesley-Lakeshore. We used a TTC day pass but we also ended up doing a LOT of walking around the city. Comfy shoes are a must, and most people (smartly) opted for running shoes. We didn’t win, but we were were happy that we made it to every clue location, even if a couple of them were the wrong locations…

This year’s theme was “Prohibition”, and participants were encouraged to dress in costume for the Quest. There were some impressive flappers present, but we opted for something a bit more urban exploration-friendly.

After the Quest we went back to our meeting place, enjoyed a few bevvies, and won prizes. I stupidly forgot to take a photo with her, but the winner of my #TBQ3 contest was Kristen who blogs over at Storefront Life (and will make your DIY project look like a child’s cut and paste project) and her husband Grant. Small world fact: Grant and I used to work together at an experiential music marketing company when I first moved to the city! We both won t-shirts in a trivia contest:


While there was no actual beer drinking involved in the Quest (it’s something the organizers are working on for next year), the clues rely on your knowledge of Toronto’s hidden historical sites. We visited a rumoured Al Capone hangout (The Winchester), the former home of Toronto’s King and Queen of bootlegging (now 99 Chestnut – an old hotel turned U of T residence), and the old Canadian Club distillery in the Distillery District.

Toronto Beer Quest was a lot of fun. We learned a lot, ran around the city like we were on the Amazing Race, and for the first time in my life I was confused with a marathon runner by a bunch of teenagers outside Covenant House (one of our clue locations). While I’m glad there was no beer drinking during the Quest (imagine running around the city with a belly full of beer), I was more than happy to knock back a few well-deserved brews with the other participants when we finished.

Next  year: 1st place is mine!

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  1. El Granto
    September 28, 2012 / 2:32 pm

    You’ll have to beat out team! Cause you know we’ll be back next year and we beat you this year 😉