My Travelling Home Office and a Wet Weekend in the Woods

On Friday I packed up my home office and headed out for a weekend of camping with my parents and more than 40 of their friends. They call it “Camper’s Thanksgiving” because we cook a big turkey dinner on the Saturday night, and even though it’s been going on for about 11 years, last year was my first time going. You can see last year’s post here.

This was my office for the weekend. I work my butt off during the week, so this was a special treat for me. I worked in a window-less cubicle for the past three years, so the fact that I can work from almost anywhere made me happy. I set up a wifi hotspot on my phone and got right to work.

Weekends like this make me really appreciate my family. There aren’t too many like us out there πŸ™‚


This homemade rotisserie cooks our turkeys all day Saturday.

I think it’s amazing that on the same weekend every year almost 50 people manage to get together. For some people it’s the only day in the whole year they even end up seeing each other. I hope one day my friends and I can have a tradition like this.
Even though I may only see some of the people once a year, there is never a shortage of someone to walk you to the bathroom, fill your empty beer cozy, kill a spider for you, or talk your ear off.

It rained so hard on Friday night into Saturday afternoon, and it wasn’t looking very promising for our big dinner. I woke up in the middle of a massive storm on Friday night and couldn’t sleep, so I logged into my Twitter. It was 5am, and most people were just calling it a night. To be honest, reading everyone’s tweets about TIFF made me really happy to be out of the city for the weekend. I spent the weekend with friends and family, which to me, means a lot more than drinking in the same bar as Ryan Gosling. But just so I didn’t feel left out of all of the TIFFbaggery, I took a few photos of my glam outfits for the weekend:

Not pictured: My muddy wellies.

Weekends away are great, but I am always more than happy to come home to this. Even if it means spending the rest of my Sunday in my real home office to catch up.

And to the mosquito who got me right in the middle of my butt cheek: you’ve won this round.

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