Toronto Tips: Uber, car2go, Gelaskins

I’m constantly reviewing and referring cool companies and brands that suit the lifestyles of Torontonians like me so I thought I’d start a new blog series to let you know about them. Today I’m going to share my Toronto Tips for Uber, car2go, and Gelaskins.


First on the docket is everyone’s favourite new car service, Uber. Since their launch this spring, Uber’s app to request a car has quickly replaced Beck Taxi’s number in my cell phone.

Uber is an on demand black car service that costs slightly more than a regular cab. I find that for trips within the city Uber costs around $3-7 more than a cab would have cost me. Since you aren’t required to tip Uber drivers, you save a few dollars there so sometimes it evens out. You request a car via the mobile app which charges your credit card when you arrive at your destination.

Not only does Uber help me arrive to events and meetings in style, but it also means I don’t have to worry about fumbling around for money or begging a driver to accept my payment via debit. I always tell my single guy friends to pull out this app on dates to really impress their lady dates and the rumour is it works.
Hint: Want to feel a bit more like Christian a la Fifty Shades of Grey? For a few extra bucks you can request an Uber SUV and you can canoodle in the back seat while your fake “Taylor” shuttles you around town. 

Use my Uber referral code ubersocialTO for $10 off your first ride!



Now I know you’ve all seen me talking over and over again about car2go. I’ve even been asked if they are paying me to promote them which is kind of offensive because come on, can’t a blogger like stuff without getting paid to like it? I sure can. I strongly believe they have a great service to offer for carsharing in Toronto so I am more than happy to tell all of my friends. And then all of their friends too.

If you are interested in affordable and eco-friendly carsharing in Toronto, I suggest you read my post about the launch of car2go Toronto (outlines the nitty gritty details of the service), my week with a car2go, and my final review. I recommend all of my friends to register for an account right now – they are waiving the $30 registration fee until September 2, 2012 only. It costs nothing to sign up until then!

I’m proud to say I was one of the first car2go VIP test drives prior to the launch in Toronto!



Prior to my trip to Austin for SXSW this spring I knew I was going to need some durable and cute covers and cases for my electronics and in my search I came across Toronto company Gelaskins. Gelaskins promotes and supports artists so that you can have stylish cases and skins for your gadgets. They also offer insanely fast shipping within Toronto so my last minute pre-Austin order arrived in time for my trip.

I get so many compliments on my cell phone case – I haven’t taken it off since March when I got it! My hard case is one of my favourite accessories 🙂

Now that I’ve got a new computer I’m excited to buy it a nice skin from Gelaskins as well.

Do you know any Toronto companies or services you think should be featured? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. August 29, 2012 / 10:56 am

    What are the borders for Uber? DVP – 401 – 427 – QEW/Gardiner?

    • JamieLeighTO
      August 29, 2012 / 11:02 am

      I just checked the site because I didn’t think there were boundaries. It shows their “most reliable service area” but once they pick you up they’ll take you anywhere outside of that area.