Review: Premier Spa Beautifying Nail Kit

A few weeks ago I received a package from Premier Spa containing some samples and their Beautifying Nail Kit.

At the time I had just gotten a new shellac manicure and my hands were in great shape, so I put it aside to try it another time. This week during a long phone meeting I found myself picking off my shellac, revealing nails that looked like they had been through hell this summer. I had made the mistake of using a cheap polish a few months ago, so my nails were slightly discoloured (ew, yellow), dry and cracked, and my cuticles were ragged. Realizing that I had another meeting in the afternoon and a busy weekend full of events ahead, I slathered on moisturizer all over my hands and nails and hoped that would help. An hour or two later my hands still looked awful.

Before shot

I didn’t have time for a manicure and I decided my usual solution of just slathering on another coat of polish was not going to be the best decision in the long run. Remembering the Beautifying Nail Kit Premier Spa had sent, I whipped it out and spent under 5 minutes buffing my nails with the Buffing Block. The first side took away all the cracks and dead nail, the second side smoothed everything out, and the third side made my nails look shiny and healthy. I was shocked, so I slathered on the hand and body cream and applied some of the cuticle oil.

Β After shot

5 minutes later, my hands were happy and my nails looked healthy and shiny.

The secret behind this miracle nail remedy is Premier Spa’s use of mineral rich ingredients from the Dead Sea combined with plant extracts, Vitamins A and E, and aloe vera. The results were quite literally, instant. There is no complicated science or hocus pocus behind this: the Dead Sea contains the highest concentration of minerals in the world and the materials extracted from the Dead Sea are infused with proteins.

The best news: the Beautifying Nail Kit I used is priced at $49.99 but for the month of August, Premier Spa is allowing shoppers to double their online order for FREE.




The kit contains:
– Hand and Body Cream (125 mL)
– Cuticle Therapy (20 mL)
– 1 Nail File
– 1 Buffing Block

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