Simon Walls – Live in my Living Room

One of the things that attracted my boyfriend and I to each other was our shared love for music. While we both have a musical history littered with deep respect for classic rock and peppered with pop punk, together we have nurtured mutual singer-songwriter tendencies as well as a growing love for folk and blues.

It isn’t uncommon to find us out at shows; it’s where we got to know each other and where I think we’ve learned the most about each other. As a person drawn to passion, I really enjoy the atmosphere of a concert and the energy I get from electric bands oozing the excitement mirrored in their fans.

Shortly after we started dating Jordan and I were working on booking several concerts to benefit our (now inactive) non-profit organization, Rock For Humanity. A press kit came across our doorstep that intrigued us. I’ll be honest, we didn’t listen to most music that came to us that way at the time but we popped the CD into my old laptop and were instantly charmed by the voice of Montreal native, Simon Walls.

No stranger to this blog, Simon has remained a good friend since we booked him to play a show on Toronto Island during Wakestock that year. Jordan has gone on to work with Simon in a management capacity and last year we waved goodbye to Simon as he left on his journey to walk across Canada. Simon’s passion is inspiring to me and so enormously inspirational, which is why I was delighted to have him play an intimate concert in my living room this past Saturday.

Even Moe was enraptured by Simon’s positive energy.

Thank you for being such a great friend and musician, Simon! Γ  bientΓ΄t!

Simon Walls has authored a book about his walk across Canada and a documentary about his experience is scheduled to be released in just a few months time.

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