RSVP: Eudora Tasting Event at Joe Mamas on King Street – August 15, 2012

A lot can happen in a year! Last year I was attending a Eudora tasting event at the founder Steve’s home in Brampton, and this year I’m attending a tasting party at the newest restaurant to start using his products. The chef at Joe Mamas on King Street was so impressed by the line of Eudora specialty sauces and preserves that he has started using them in his own recipes!

To celebrate, Eudora and Joe Mamas invite you to try the chef’s creations using the Eudora Tomato, Mango, Chili and Diablo chutneys while enjoying live music and a few drinks on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 starting at 7pm.

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Eudora’s founder Steve will be there all night giving away prizes and answering any questions about Eudora’s line of Indian-inspired products.

And a tip: if you like anything in the Eudora line and would like to try incorporating them in to your own recipes Eudora will have product for sale at the event.

Congratulations to Steve, Eudora, and Joe Mamas for the fantastic partnership!

RSVP: By way of the Twitvite or Facebook event.



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