A Lesson in Sushi Making at Wabora Sushi

 Last week I was invited to a night out with some savvy city ladies to learn how to make sushi at Wabora Sushi. The night was hosted by the folks at Buytopia to showcase their deal on the popular sushi making lessons at Wabora located in the Thompson Hotel.


Photo cred: I’m Charming You

My partners in crime were the lovely Liza from She Does the City, Nicki from View the Vibe, Michelle from Buytopia, Val from I’m Charming You and Charming Media, and Bianca from Toronto Standard.

Wabora Chef

After chatting over wine and sake we were introduced to our teaching staff for the night: Wabora’s own top-notch sushi chefs.

Sushi Knife

The chefs explain to us the importance of using proper sushi knives and walk us through preparing our first roll.

We started with something simple: a spicy veggie tempura roll. For this roll, the rice is on the inside so it is fairly easy to put together.


  Mine may not look as great as the master chef’s but it tasted just as good!


Bianca from Toronto Standard demonstrating her sushi stuffing technique

After we enjoyed our veggie tempura rolls we tried a much more challenging roll: a crispy crunch roll. The crispy crunch rolls have the rice on the outside of the roll and inside we put crab, avocado, and tempura, rolled it all up, and put spicy salmon and tempura batter on top.

These ones were really difficult to roll together but were worth the hard work! It was so much fun cheering each other on (and laughing at our mistakes!) during the sushi making. The lessons were a great way to see just how much preparation and work goes into each roll to make them look and taste like authentic sushi rolls! While our evening was a fun girls night I think this would be a fun date idea as well.



After we made each roll we got to sit down and enjoy our creations with our table before we got up to make the next one. This break helped us avoid one of the worst parts about eating sushi: the over-eating ’til your stomach hurts part! We left with the perfect amount of sake and sushi in our bellies.

The Buytopia deal is back by popular demand!

The deal ends Sunday, August 5, 2012.

Click here to view the deal on Buytopia.ca and see how you can learn to make authentic sushi too!

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