Paloma Recipe with Tequila Tromba

You may have seen my tweets a few weeks ago about going back to school; Tequila School, that is. And while I miss my classroom days learning about criminals and australopithecus africanus, I have to admit that that Tequila Tromba‘s lesson on tequila and tequila-based cocktails was much more relevant to my life than any math class has ever been (sorry Ms. Piechota). Then again, if all my classes were held at Reposado on Ossington, I may have been a bit more excited for class.

Tequila School was all about Tequila Tromba –Β  a new 100% pure agave tequila from Mexico. Founder Eric Brass spent the time to explain what was in the tequila, about the master distillers he works with, the inspiration for Tromba, and the different tastes we should be looking for in each kind of tequila. After teaching us about each kind of tequila we were also given the opportunity to taste two types of chasers that bring out different tastes in each type.

Tequila is actually one of my favourite liquors and I am always looking for ways to incorporate it into cocktails. I order a lot of tequila and gingerale’s at bars just to get the taste of my favourite liquor so even though there was no mandatory homework (although I wish a bottle of Tromba was a take-home assignment) I recently shared one of my favourite recipes from “class” with my family at an engagement party for my cousin.

2 oz Tequila Tromba
Squeeze of lime
Pinch of kosher salt
Grapefruit soda

Making these drinks was quick and easy: start with a healthy serving of ice, and pour in each ingredient. I love that these drinks were so quick to refill but next time I’ll be making a pitcher (or two!) full in advance.

The Paloma’s were perfectly light and refreshing for a day spent in the sun by the pool with friends and family and the bride-to-be (also a tequila lover) was happy. We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

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  1. August 29, 2012 / 11:42 am

    You a big fan? I’ve never been able to stomach it. I file Tequila with Zambuca under “Booze I will never drink again.”