I Heart Canada (and a weekend off)

I forced myself to take Saturday and Sunday off and head out to the Long Point area to Sand Hills Park for a weekend of glamping.

On Friday night we stopped off at a friend’s who has a house in the country. She’s only got a few hundred acres. Bonfire time!


The next morning we explored the property a bit. Nothing like riding around a farm in the back of a pickup! I felt like a real life country song without the heartbreak or cheating wife.



My favourite part: Car graveyard. There are literally hundreds of cars on Michelle’s property that were abandoned by the previous property owner. They have sold tons of scrap and parts and all of this is still left. All of the cars are in varying degrees of rusting away to nothing and all of them are crammed full of the previous property owner’s belongings.





Then it was off to the camp site!


We stayed in this massive trailer owned by Michelle”s family. Sleeps 12! It’s nicknamed Pride of America because of the massive American flag on the side so we put up Canadian flags as soon as we got there so people knew what was up.


The beach was gorgeous on Saturday – and even more gorgeous on Sunday when I let my phone die and regretted it all day! I didn’t get any photos of Moe running around offleash for the first “real” time and coming when called every time. He even swam! He chased big sticks over and over again into the lake and brought them back for us to throw again. I’m such a proud dog momma after this weekend!


While the weekend was hardly relaxing, it was a great change of pace and scenery and since I’m entering a chaotically busy week now I am so glad I took the days off! I also confirmed a new freelance project (and am still looking for a few more!) so life is about to hectic in the good kind of way πŸ™‚


This week I’ve got lots of things to share with you including my week trying out car2go (follow #jamie2go on Twitter for updates), a shellac mani/pedi at 1BodyBar courtesy of the fine folks at Buytopia, a girls night out to Hooters & Magic Mike, an intimate tequila tasting, and some family time to help my cousin prepare for her upcoming wedding.

I also made it to the next round of the BiLLe Best Blogger competition so I’ll have to find some time to complete the next task as well. Thank you so so so so so much for all of your votes – you guys are the bomb diggity! Big celebration if I win!


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