Vote For Me As The BiLLe’s Blog Ambassador!

I can’t believe I’m sharing this all with you. One of my deepest, darkest secrets.

But way back in the day, when I was straight thuggin’ on the mean streets of Rexdale, gang bangin’ on Tandridge Crescent with all my homies, I had dreams of becoming the next white girl rapper.

Just kidding. I was just begging my mom to let me use her old skateboard because if SHE got to sk8 when she was a little hellraiser than certainly I should be allowed to shred gnar on her old deck.

But then one day this opportunity came along. The opportunity to land a sweet blogging job that came with an enticing paycheque. And then I found out the winners were judged on creativity and general bloggerability and since I’ve got this blogging thing down pat I really wanted to highlight my creativity. And the only way I figured I could do that was to show you my non-existent rap skills and embarrass myself for all of eternity.


Clicking on the picture or anywhere it says “vote” in this post will take you to the link. Then you just press the “VOTE” button in my little square.

Please do vote though. It’s all fun and games to laugh at me until someone loses the contest. And then it’s tears and years worth of me whining about losing on this here blog. Don’t make me do it!

Help me win a blogging contract worth over $100,000!


Because even though I am clearly the underdog in this contest against all of the mommy bloggers and Mr. Bussey himself, but I’ve got the chops to do an amazing job for The BiLLe!

I’ve got a track history of creating compelling content for blogs and social media channels.

I’ve got spunk and energy! I’d like to think my video is the most creative (read: embarrassing) out of all of the submissions which is one of the criteria for voting. Anyone can sit in front of the camera and talk. My video took some planning and public embarrassment. I walked around my neighbourhood dressed like that!

I stepped out of my comfort zone and created a video for a job that will likely take me out of my comfort zone – and out of my home office.

I’m representing Toronto in my video – the best city in Canada IMO.

I’m passionate about social media, content creation, and most importantly, building communities. I always stress the importance of community on my blog and hope to do the same working for The BiLLe!

And I’m not tied down by kids or a husband! I’ve got all the time in the world to dedicate to doing an amazing job in this position πŸ™‚

P.S. You can vote with all of your e-mail addresses EVERY DAY. Every single day your e-mail address counts as a new vote. Just saying πŸ˜‰

P.P.S. If I win and you voted for me then it’s party time, blog friends! Who wants a pony!? When I’m not working my little tush off, I promise not to be responsible with my paycheques.

P.P.P.S. To encourage your friends to vote you could share this post using one of the fancy buttons below. You can share to Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, Pinterest, etc. and share the joy of voting and democracy with all of your friends!

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