NXNE Artist Spotlight: Poor Young Things

The clock is ticking until the music portion of NXNE starts, and I’m still rolling out some great Artist Spotlight‘s.

Meet Poor Young Things. Fresh off their Canadian tour with the Trews and the Dudes, the band have been showing off songs from their EP, Let it Sleep, and stage-testing material for their first full-length expected later this year. Their experience is obvious; their stage presence and chemistry are one of the first things I noticed, second only to their finely tuned sound.

Music puns aside, songs like “Blame it On the Good Times”, about late nights at bars like the Dakota Tavern, and “Let It Sleep” show just how the Thunder Bay-based band of rock n’ roll musicians is making it in their newly adopted city – working hard and having a hell of a time!


What can you expect? Get ready to Blame (your hangover) on the Good Times and learn what the band means when they sing “we fight the war on the weekends”. Expect lots of cute girls and dancing at the Horseshoe.
The vibe? Indie band meets rock n’ roll. Big party atmosphere and contagious energy from the stage.
Want to hear more? Check out the band on their (kinda awesome) website or Facebook page.


Poor Young Things plays Saturday June 16, 2012 at The Horseshoe at 9 p.m.

Check out the event on Facebook or on the NXNE site for more details.

See you at the show?
P.S. A little birdy told me (okay, the band tweeted. Same thing right?) that if you can’t make the show it will be broadcast live on CBCRadio3 and SIRIUSXM!

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