Nella Bella Purses and a Very Charming Deal

I get so excited when I come home to a package waiting in front of my door. While they have never said anything to me directly, my upstairs neighbours must wonder what all the packages they sign for are. Model train parts? An excessive E-Bay addiction? Nope. Just packages from PR companies and on Friday, a new Nella Bella purse!

I started my Nella Bella collection just before Christmas. I had been working non-stop and had 3-4 more months of attending trials at work after the holidays. NB had an amazing holiday sale and I thought I deserved a special treat to get me through the holidays and impending doom workload.

I bought myself the Rio because it is sleek and stylish while still being large enough to stash my lunch for work, laptop or iPad, and sometimes an extra outfit or pair of shoes if I’m attending a few events in one day.

It was the perfect travel-mate on my trip to Austin when I only packed a carry-on suitcase and had everything from makeup, snacks, gum, a notebook, a sweater, my iPad, and a few extra chargers. It even doubled as a pillow when I spent the night in the Buffalo airport.


I have even had some fun accessorizing my bag after a fun DIY project.
Nella Bella
makes 100% vegan and 110% stylish bags. I like that I’m supporting a local Toronto designer/business while feeding my closet more purse snacks. So when I saw this deal on blog-friend Valerie’s Charming Dealights, I was charmed to add the London bag to my collection.

The London is Nella Bella’s most popular bag. One reason why I helped justify the splurge was that the bag is so versatile. The London is a combination of a small handbag and a clutch and with the accessories it comes with it can be worn 16 different ways!! I wore it this weekend as the All Day/Night handbag with the chain on the clutch.

At the Jays game on Sunday I fit in my oversized wallet, a cardigan, my Jays hat, a brush, a powder compact, and some lipgloss. I felt like it was my very own Mary Poppins purse with all the stuff I kept pulling out of it. I kept my phone, Metropass, a chapstick, and some business cards in the clutch section for easy access.

I’m looking forward to trying all of the ways to wear my new London friend!

The best part – the Charming Dealight is still on until June 8th!
And I won’t even be mad if you buy it and we show up with the same purse because the odds are we won’t be wearing it exactly the same way πŸ˜‰


Now that I’ve got 2 black bags, I’ll be looking to add a bit of colour to my collection now.

Look at these babes from the Nella Bella Spring 2012 Collection:


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