Forgive Me Body For I Have Sinned: Post-Long Weekend Yoga Deals

If you’re like me, you’re probably feeling guilty for a bit of over-indulgence this past long weekend and kicking yourself for letting your spring health habits be broken. Blame mother nature – that woman makes us act a fool sometimes! To undo a bit of the damage done, I have scoured the TeamBuy website for some new health and fitness deals to get myself back on track. Coincidentally, TeamBuy is celebrating National Yoga Week with tons of deals right now!

I have been doing yoga for just over 6 months now and am really beginning to notice a different in both my mind and body. I really appreciate taking an hour out of my day to just unwind and totally de-stress. The result is a more calm demeanor and a lot more focus in my daily tasks. Even my attitude has been adjusted; I’m a lot more positive since starting to practice hot yoga. An added bonus is the fact that I can see and feel muscles I never had before and my scoliosis bothers me less and less.

Deal 1: $29 for 10 Drop-In Hot Yoga Classes at Mind & Body Yoga

Located just off King Street West in the Trinity-Niagara neighbourhood, Mind & Body is a new yoga studio offering hot yoga practice with an emphasis on the traditional practice of strengthening both the mind and the body. There are a total of 10 drop-in classes 7 days a week.

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Deal 2: $19 and up for 5, 10, or 20 Hot Yoga Classes from Gyan Yoga

This is my go-to hot yoga spot right now. Gyan Yoga is located in Liberty Village which is a short walk from my house so I don’t have to face other TTC passengers on my sweaty trek home and while the studio isn’t the nicest I’ve been to, I like the instructors and their prices are hard to argue with. Note: this studio only has one shower in the girls changeroom, and some weeknight classes can get pretty busy. When you go to purchase the deal you can choose a 5-class pass for $19, 10-class pass for $29, or a 20-class pass for $39.

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Deal 3: $29 for a 10 Class Pass to Breathe Yoga Studio


Breathe Yoga Studio has two locations where you can use this deal, one in the Junction and one on Bloor West. This studio boasts pristine changerooms and gorgeous studios and includes heated and non-heated room classes. I’m considering travelling the extra distance to practice at this studio just for the studio amenities!

Click “Buy” to see the fine print or purchase the deal. - Lululemon Gift Card Contest

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