DIY: Repurposed Vintage Brooch

I love the look of vintage brooches being used as updated accessories and have been on the hunt for a few brooches to work into my own wardrobe. When I found a vintage owl-shaped brooch at Uncommon Objects on South Congress in Austin, I knew I had my first project.

The brooch came with an unappealing brownish/beige coat on it but I could see a bit of bronze or gold peeking out from underneath.
I placed it face down in a cup of nail polish remover for 5 minutes and the old paint came off easily using an old toothbrush.

I let the brooch dry while I picked out a new colour for it. I settled on a plain glitter that I thought would really brighten it up. I used one of my favourite glitter nailpolishes (pictured here, and here) by China Glaze called Techno.


Final product:

The glitter is nice and keeps the brooch fun and a little glam. The best part about this project – it is never-ending! I already have plans for the next 5 colours I want to turn this baby! All I’ll need to do next time is soak it in nail polish remover and re-paint the next colour I fancy.

How to rock it:


Incorporating a brooch into my outfits has made me a bit nervous since I’ve previously only associated the accessory with my grandma and her church-going friends. While I get more comfortable with my new accessory, I have been wearing it pinned to a light, floral scarf on my Nella Bella purse, but also think it adds a bit of fun pinned directly to a bag. Now that I’m confident that brooches aren’t just for the elderly I’m looking for more old brooches to bring back to life.

Next project: This old skeleton key found at Uncommon Objects for a necklace. I can’t decide between lightly covering it in a bronze glitter (with smaller sparkles than the ones on this brooch), or leaving it alone.

What do you think?

Β 20120327-213836.jpg

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