Meant to post this on Tuesday but life vacation got in the way πŸ™‚

We finally arrived in Austin yesterday after 16 hours of travelling. We booked our flights out of Buffalo airport to save some dough since the flights were under half the price from there.
To get to Buffalo we hopped on a Megabus that left Toronto at 10pm on Sunday and got to the airport between 1 and 2am.


Our plan was to check in at the airport once we got there, go through security and then find a gate that wasn’t being used to sleep in until our flight at 6:30am.
Turns out, everything (including self-checkin kiosks and security) were closed until about 4am so we were stuck in the small area near the checkin counters with a few benches and some janitorial staff.


After a picnic of the Doritos, baby carrots, tomatoes and candy we had packed, we all claimed a bench and tried to get some sleep. That only lasted about 45 minutes until the airport started to fill up with other people waiting to checkin for their flights.


We flew Buffalo –> Cleveland –> Houston –> Austin


The weather was gorgeous when we landed in Austin so we had a few beers in Elissa’s gorgeous backyard in the sun.

Dinner at Moonshine in Downtown Austin was delicious. Had a Cornflake Fried Chicken salad and then it was off to check out the parties on Rainey Street. We ended up at Bar96 on their gorgeous patio. It was a nice, chill night and about all we could muster after 16 hours of travelling and being up for 36 hours straight.


The plan for today is to caffeinate and grab groceries and boozables for Elissa’s place. Elissa lives about a 5 minute drive or bus ride from downtown so it’s nice to have a local place to re-charge, grab a bite and crash when we need to. Which is what I’ve been doing all morning πŸ™‚

Drinking tea now and looking at the party schedule for tonight. Hoping to snag more wifi during the day so I can share pictures with y’all on the go!

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