My Beauty Must-Haves

This year on my 25th birthday I vowed to treat myself better. Not just in the “demand respect, get some pedicures, eat ice cream” way, but to take care of my body a bit better. First order of business: my skin. A friend recently explained that she spends as much as she has to for quality makeup, especially things like foundation and concealer that sit directly on her skin and around her eyes all day.

She has a valid point. In high school when I was ballin’ on a McDonalds Manager salary and not paying rent I exclusively bought MAC products. They were high quality and rarely disappointed. I stopped when I realized how much further my money could go substituting the discount brands here and there, and then everywhere. Come to think of it, my skin is more problematic now than it was when I was investing more into it. Makes sense, right?

Now that I’m indulging myself a bit more, I have found some beauty essentials that I don’t know how I ever lived without:

Benefit Erase Paste – a tiny dab of this sucker under my eyes and a bit of powder on top and I’m set for a full day. It’s basically the only part of my face that is still on when I finally wash my face around midnight on most nights. Even if I don’t have time for a full face of makeup, Erase Paste makes me look a little more alive. $26 from Benefit or Sephora.

Maybelline Volum’ Express Falsies Mascara – Okay, so I know this isn’t a $30 mascara but it sure acts like one. I get complimented on my lashes almost daily and people are always surprised that it’s Maybelline. My own little secret: I only use waterproof mascara. I find that the waterproof versions of my favourites just tend to hold up longer and keep my lashes riding high instead of drooping like the regular mascaras. $8-13 at Shoppers Drug Mart.

MAC Lipstick in Brave Red – I searched for a long time for the right shade of red for my puckers and I tend to get lost in all the shades. My beauty/fashion-minded friend Carly suggested I try a shade with blue tones as a base instead of oranges that don’t pair well with our fair skin. With this little tidbit of knowledge (and the help of a MAC sales associate) I found the right colour for me in a matter of minutes. I was looking for a lipstick that didn’t just go on matte and flat and this colour has a bit of sheen to it. If I’m looking for a more glossy look I just throw on a dab of gloss with it. As for stay power? It lasted a night drinking and sweating at the Horseshoe, so colour me impressed. $18 from MAC.

What are your favourite brands or products?

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  1. June 7, 2012 / 1:52 pm

    That Erase-Paste looks like just what I need!

    • JamieLeighTO
      June 7, 2012 / 2:26 pm

      I love it but it can be a bit thick to use as an all-over concealer, especially now that it’s getting warm out. I only need a tiny dab for under my eyes – I lightly touch my fingertip in the pot and wipe on.