The Job Market as I See It

Last week on a crowded Queen Streetcar I heard a girl my age practicing answers for standard interview questions with a friend. As I scanned my social feeds in an attempt to distract myself, I couldn’t help but listen to her.

Her friend posed a standard interview question:
Describe a time when you have experienced a communication problem with coworkers and how did you overcome it?

Hmmm. Yup. Standard Interview question right there. Insert mind-numbing standard interview answer here.

NOPE! To my surprise, the girl described many experiences from living and working in Brampton which she described as being ripe with “Indian people who don’t even know how to communicate in English” and other racist fodder.

This is who I am competing for jobs with.
Them, and the people who have worked at companies for over 10 years who still require extensive training on Microsoft Office 2003. Yeah, that really happened. A week ago, minds were blown learning about copy+paste.

I don’t understand why there are young, educated and skilled workers competing for jobs with racists or redundant and technologically-illiterate people.

While I understand the power (and in some cases, benefits) of seniority in companies. It is beneficial in a financial sense to retain employees who are already trained in their position, rather than hire new employees who require training. That being said, I do not understand the benefits on retaining employees who cannot keep up with changes in the industry they work in.

Keep up or become obsolete.
Learn the Microsoft Office 2003 suite. Do not ask me how to print.
And companies: please don’t hire idiots like the one I had the pleasure of commuting with last week. There are people out there who value growth and success within a company, not to mention diversity. I hope you find them!


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