Learning Code with #LadiesLearningCode

Today I’m spending the day learning HTML and CSS coding basics with Ladies Learning Code!

See the boy in that picture? Yeah, boys are allowed to! They just ask that you bring another lady to learn with you πŸ™‚

We filled a room at the Centre for Social Innovation at Bloor & Bathurst. The class is from 10-6 today and was only $45. We get unlimited coffee and tea as well as a catered lunch and dinner.

We have great instructors – Gavin and Gerry at our table answered all of our questions and showed us some extra “hack tips”. All the cool kids are hackers, right? All of the instructors are actual web developers and designers so we’re being taught by real-life coders.

You can sign up to the LadiesLearningCode newsletter to find out about all of the fun classes they organize. There’s one coming up for Photoshop and Illustrator that I wish I could go to.

This is what the page I have created looks like so far – it’s actually 2 pages!


It’s not much, but it’s a work in progress – we’ve only been here for a couple hours so far! I know my html basics, but I have still learned a few things along the way and it’s great practice. I’m becoming more and more confident about my skills!

P.S. I coded this blog all by myself while we were learning, in addition to the page I’m building while I follow the instructions. I know – it’s simple. But learning takes little steps!

Β This afternoon we’re diving in to CSS!

Updated: We spent the afternoon learning how to jazz our pages up using CSS. This is when things got very challenging for everyone – but I love a challenge! Anita and I had fun with colours and really customizing our pages. We would learn something and run with it, seeing all of the fun options and tweaks. Gerry suggested we look into the Javascript classes LLC offers as well. Here’s some of the colour I added to my page:

It is still a work in progress! I’m going to keep building on what I have to keep practicing what I know. Gerry and Gavin say coding is like learning another language – without practice you forget what you have learned. I’m excited to apply everything I learned to customize my WordPress theme. I feel confident to delve into the CSS stylesheet and really customize my site. I’m also excited to build more sites on my own and keep learning.

When you write a code for something and refresh your page to see if it worked and it didn’t, you become a little code detective to go through and figure out why something isn’t working and how to fix it. It was such a feeling of pride and accomplishment when we figured it out and fixed it or added more code to make it work.

Thank you to the Ladies Learning Code team, BNOTIONS, and all of the volunteer instructors for the day! You guys rock!

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  1. Ladykeirae
    February 20, 2012 / 8:18 am

    Hahahahahaaa, love your girating guy!!! Β If I lived closer, I’d be signing up for that class for sure.