If You Go to New Orleans You Ought to Go See the Mardi Gras

Can everyone please stop talking about Mardi Gras?

I don’t know if it’s just me being overly sensitive but it seems like everyone in my social feeds and everyone in advertising is talking about Mardi Gras right now. I was in New Orleans the week before Lundi Gras and Mardi Gras and stayed for all the festivities last year. I raved and raved about that trip, but I really think everyone needs to experience New Orleans whether you’re there for Mardi Gras or not. New Orleans is unlike anywhere else you will ever visit!

Gorgeous homes in the Garden District.

We stayed in the Garden District. If you’re a Real World fan and you watched the RW Nola season (I did!) you may recognize that’s where the RW House was. It’s got such a college town feel mixed in with the stately plantation homes and rich history. Watching the city celebrate the biggest Mardi Gras since Katrina was something I will never forget.

Here are some pictures from my trip last year. You’ll notice my pictures look like my finger was constantly in the way. The brand new Nikon I bought just before my trip came with a busted lens that I couldn’t get fixed in time so all my vacation pictures are ruined.

 Tree in Garden District covered in beads. This was on a parade route so it was likely covered by people on floats throwing into the crowd, and people at the parade throwing them on the tree.

On a rooftop of a house on Magazine Street watching one of the parades with my face painted and daiquiri in hand.

Magazine Street parade from street level.

St. Louis I Cemetery in Treme.

St. Louis I Cemetery in Treme.

Gates of Lafayette Cemetery in Garden District.

Gorgeous Building in the French Quarter.

The infamous Bourbon Street at night. This was a few nights before Mardi Gras and it was already out of control!

Moving through the crowd was impossible!

The good news: My bff Elissa (who I stayed with in New Orleans) moved to Austin, Texas a few months ago. I’m going to visit during SXSW so I’ll still be getting down to the South this winter/spring. I’m going to share all my fun there on the blog this time!

The title of this post was taken from a popular Mardi Gras song. On February 21, I’ll be listening to this and weeping into my collection of beads and the painted coconut I caught at the Zulu parade.

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