DishcrawlTO – I ate, I crawled, I blogged.

On November 30, 2011 I dove into Foodie-dom and attended Dishcrawl Toronto. Dishcrawl is like a bar crawl for foodies – a guided tour of specially selected restaurants. I went on a King Street West crawl, but there have been ones on Queen Street West and there is one later this month on Queen Street East.

None of my friends bought tickets in time (they sell out like WHOA fast) so I went solo. Sometimes I like going out alone because it forces you to socialize with everyone instead of getting caught in a catch-up conversation with your best girlfriend. I met some pretty awesome people from foodies to bloggers to people just looking for something cool to do in Toronto. Hey Dishcrawl people! If you’re reading this, comment on my post so we can reconnect. You guys were fun ๐Ÿ™‚

That phallic-looking picture is our resto-route for the evening. Thor, Wabora, Wvrst, Cheesewerks, Wagamama. Stomach, prepare thyself for the reckoning.

Our first stop, Thor, is a coffee shop I’ve been looking for an excuse to try. It’s also on my Indie Coffee Passport, so it was nice to be given the opportunity to learn a bit about the space and the beans they use before I go and try a fancy latte with my Passport.

Thor carries donuts in flavours likeย apple pie, dulce de leche, coconut cream, lemon meringue and PB&J baked by Gloryhole donuts. Judging by Thor’s Tweets (which I follow), these donuts sell out quickly. Duh.

(Photo cred: Thor)

The eating challenge started at Wabora – a sushi restaurant with other stuff cooking in the kitchen for your non-sushi eating friends. I’ve been looking for a place like this to bring my family. Dad and I love sushi and I like showing him the nicer sushi places in the city, while my brothers and Mom prefer more standard fare. I’m confident I could bring my family to this restaurant and impress everyone – which I plan to do!

(Photo cred: DishcrawlTO)

We sat at the long tables in front of the sushi chefs. Their speed in creating delicious sushi was impressive – especially to this girl who experiments with making her own sushi from time to time. I noted that the sushi chefs prepared some rolls with a healthy dose of Siracha. Yum!

(Photo cred: DishcrawlTO)

We started with a Fire Chicken appetizer that had just the right amount of heat washed down with a cold Sapporo. We sampled a few different sushi rolls, prepared right in front of us. I was really impressed by the quality and flavour of everything at Wabora.

We finished our meal with vanilla and green tea ice cream and a delicious chocolate dessert. Even the ice cream was extra creamy and rich. Wabora was hands-down, my favourite restaurant of the night. There – I said it. It was hard to write down because the other restaurants are also new faves of mine.

Next we waddled over to Wvrst. I had heard a lot of buzz about Wvrst in the past few months and I’ll admit, I thought it was a fancy, pretentious foodie place with all the buzz it’s been getting. While the restaurant is definitely nice, it is far from pretentious! Wvrst caters to my kind of people – the ones that can’t be bothered to wear their heels to dinner, want to order a stein of beer and watch the Leafs game on a massive screen while eating a wide selection of sausages.

ย Our table tried elk, venison and rabbit sausages with Wvrst’s delicious french fries and dipping sauces, but I’m already planning my return to try the Dirty Fries and impress my boyfriend with a new place to watch the game.

Good food comes to those who eat #realgirlseat

At this point in the night I wanted to give up, but knowing Cheesewerks was our last stop kept me going. I have been following Cheesewerks on Twitter and Facebook since the summer when they bought the space and started plotting world domination starting in our very own city. While the standard grilled cheese we ate was amazing, I went back a couple weeks later to try more adventurous sandwiches (like the Beijing and Los Angelas) from their menu.

Not only does Cheesewerks do grilled cheese to perfection, they also do social media right. I think that played a huge part in it’s initial success (before the cheese won people over, of course). Kevin a.k.a. “The Big Cheese” and his partner know what they’re doing and I wouldn’t be surprised if Cheesewerks has a few more locations open in the next few years. Another bonus point: Cheesewerks is all about keeping it local and are very family oriented. That kind of attitude is reflected in their service.

Once we were so full we couldn’t move, we were sent home with doggie bags with treats from Wagamama.

I know a lot of my friends and coworkers were interested in Dishcrawl after briefly hearing about the fun I had and I hope to bring a few of them on one soon. I’ll Tweet the next ones as soon as I hear about them, or you can sign up with your e-mail address on and they’ll let you know as soon as the next one is announced!

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