Family Holiday Traditions

My favourite part of the holidays is all the time I get to spend with my family taking part in all of the traditions we’ve had since I was a little kid.  I moved out about 7 years ago and ever since it’s been harder to make time to see family and keep up with all of our traditions.

This year, having the Scion xB for the weekend meant that I had the opportunity to drive home for family dinner on Sunday and help my brothers decorate the tree together like we used to do every year when we all lived at home.

Now my brother’s are a little lot taller and the tree has grown as well! I no longer win the “I can put my personalized decoration higher than you can therefore I am the best kid” competition but that’s okay. See the two red ornaments on the tree? Mine is the lower one (ugh!) and Blake’s is the higher one. My youngest brother James broke his personalized ornament and refused to hang another one with my name on it.

TreeCan you tell I’m obsessed with gif-ing this weekend? I promise I’ll stop after this! It’s like fun time lapse…

Can you ever have too many Christmas decorations? My mom doesn’t think so! She loves snowmen and every year there is new stuff for the tree and around the house. It’s our favourite holiday!

 My brother Blake was back from university for the weekend and he brought gifts! That kid is on the ball lately…I have barely even started my shopping! That big box on the bottom? That’s for Mom! It doesn’t look like an iPad so I’m not too jealous yet.

 Another reason to love coming home? Dad’s dinners. Every Sunday he makes something big – last week he made a full turkey dinner! This week was a full roast dinner with roast beef, carrots and yorkshire puddings. Mmmmmm.

Even Moe enjoys holiday traditions – or so we think anyway. As soon as we turned into my parents neighbourhood he started going bonkers in the backseat and was so excited to see my family. We just can’t figure out why he loves going there…

After dinner Jordan and I went grocery shopping, picked Moe back up from my parents and waved goodbye. Since we had the Scion, my mom didn’t have to worry about driving me to the Go bus station or driving me all the way home since Go doesn’t allow dogs to travel on the bus or train.

I want to extend a HUGE thank you to Scion Downtown for making this weekend possible!

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