Giving Back with my Scion xB

Today’s focus was on having fun and giving back to the community. Sometimes I think about all of the things I’ve been able to do and all of the opportunities I have. Who else can call up their friends at Scion and borrow a car for a weekend? It’s a pretty huge privilege. I even tweet about racetracks and having “moves like Andretti” and they still let me use their cars!


We hit the highway this morning and went to Horton’s Magic Hill Tree Farm in Stouffville to cut our own Christmas tree. It only took about 30 minutes to get there and holy schnizz there is snow in Stouffville!

Jordan had never been to a real tree farm before and didn’t know that you literally grab a saw, hop onto a hayride to get into the real woods and cut down your own tree. Then (if you’re me) the hayride driver makes fun of the “hack job” you performed on a tree and everyone laughs. Tree farms usually have lots to activities, a store with snacks and hot chocolate and a fire to warm up around while you’re finding the perfect tree.

There were buckets full of saws and rope for you to borrow which is a relief because I forgot mine at home? I was only allowed to hold this for about 20 seconds to pose for a picture because of the likelihood that I would hurt myself or the dog.

We trekked a little way into the woods. I was not dressed for snow and was wearing the worlds most slippery shoes. Jordan thought it was hilarious and the dog took full advantage. This is my own personal dogsled.

My personal dogsled

We found our tree!!

This farm is high-tech! This machine wraps your tree in rope so it’s easier to get home. This is a whole family endeavor – the boys who wrap the trees are the son’s of the farm owners. The Horton Family has 3 farms in Soutffville and have been doing this for decades! That’s our little tree in there – take good care of him, boys!

This is the muscle.

Stuff a 6ft tree in to an xB? No biggie. Jordan kept saying it wouldn’t fit and we’d have to strap it to the roof but it fit easily. Moe lost some backseat space, but he was stoked to cuddle up to the outdoors. He even ate some pine needles. When I’m in the xB it feels so compact but when you stand next to it (or pose on the hood) you realise that it’s actually a full-sized car that can fit a whole Christmas tree without being uncomfortable.

Have I mentioned Moe loves the xB too? Scion, I promise I’ll vacuum out more of his hair before I return the car this time!

Funny thing about this whole Christmas tree trip? We have a beautiful artificial tree at home and don’t even need a real tree. We thought it would be fun to go to the tree farm for the day, but then wanted to donate it so someone else could have a special Christmas.

We brought the tree to Eva’s Phoenix, a branch of Eva’s Initiatives. Eva’s Initiatives works to create opportunities for homeless youth to help them break the cycle of homelessness and find permanent housing and job opportunities.

Eva’s Phoenix, located just outside Liberty Village’s swanky condos, provides homeless and at-risk youth with transitional housing and skills training to help them build skills, find housing and jobs in the community.Β  It provides on-site training and education including sex education, help for substance abuse issues, finishing school and finding a job and re-connecting families. Youth live in townhouse-style units with shared common areas while they participate in Eva’s programs, receive counselling and learn from positive mentors.

Β We’re just glad that someone else will have the chance to decorate and enjoy a tree this Christmas. I donate to the CHUM Christmas Wish every year to ensure people have some gifts under their trees too. Thanks Eva’s Initiatives for taking our donation! Please ensure our tree puts a smile on someone’s face this year!

Off to the Christmas Market at Distillery District for the 2nd time this weekend. This time we had the chance to wander around and see what was up. Spotted the Cheesewerks booth – droooooooooool. Cheesewerks opens on December 16th and you can find me at the front of the line that day.

Chocolate covered bacon. Tasted as awesome as you can imagine + 10.

I fit in to the most insanely small parking spot. Told you the xB was a breeze to park! Didn’t get a picture because my phone and camera died before we got back to the car so you’ll just have to take my word that I am a parallel parking prodigy.

Dancer and Prancer. I know them! Actually, having live animals as spectacles kind of upsets me. It’s kind of depressing. This isn’t a zoo! It’s a cobblestone laneway!

Got home and tucked the Scion in for the night so I could safely get festively tipsy at a Christmas party. Today is my last full day with the car and I’m going to make it worth it!

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  1. Kari
    December 13, 2011 / 10:11 am

    Thanks so much for the tree and for writing about us!

    Kari Klassen
    Communications Manager
    Eva’s Initiatives